What we do:

Organic Produce

Our goal is to provide fresh, delicious organic foods and animal feed products in a sustainable manner than is good for our customers, their families, our community and the practice of farming.



We offer our products to grocery stores, wholesalers and retail outlets large and small.  Many of our customers are names you know that offer our products in your community up and down the east coast.


Jordan Brandon

Jordan grew up on his family's farm in Southern Virginia.  After high school, he attended Virginia Military Institute where he excelled in athletics and academics.  After earning a BS in Mechanical Engineering, he went on to earn a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech.  In 2003, after working in the defense industry, Jordan returned to Dundas and took over the family farm.  He has been here making improvements ever since.


Old Dominion Organic Farms is located in Southern Virginia, about 55 miles south of Richmond.  Jordan Brandon is a twelfth generation farmer, in a family of farmers dating from 1654.  While his family's farming heritage began with tobacco and other crops, each generation has worked toward improvement in practice, efficiency and sustainability.  An example of adapting with the times would be during the 1930's. With depressed commodity prices Jordan's great grandmother was able to send turkeys, farm made jams and hams to Eleanor Roosevelt in the White House. You can see the letters below.

Old Dominion Organic Farms offers organic alfalfa, broccoli, cabbage, corn, soybeans, cauliflower, and green beans.  The farm has the equipment, experience, infrastructure and labor to quickly adapt to market needs.  Check back often as the list is growing.....


Old Dominion Organic Farms

Providing local organic vegetables on the east coast